My Prayer for Us for Lent

By Bailey Brawner
My decision to give up/ add what I did came from me. Not from a “X things to give up for lent” blog post, cross friendship challenge, or a pastoral suggestion. It was a decision between God and me, which is how it should be.

But guess what? Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely keep my mouth shut, so I’m sharing it here too. As an attempt to add one, give up one, I’m choosing to add an hour of intentional prayer, worship, journal, writing, etc. time a day for me and my best bud, God. With this, I’m giving up the worry of what other people think of me. I’m excited and nervous to be beginning, or ending big things in my life. I would love to think that these two things would not change after Lent.

I pray that the willingness to bring myself closer to God lasts longer than this pre-Easter season.


Thank you for the way we are.

Not only me, and not only you.


You know what I need and you know how to get me to that place.

Help me to believe in myself.

Give me strength to overcome the unfamiliar in order to grow close to you.

Be close to us in our hopes, dreams, thoughts, and prayers.

In your holy, loving name,



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