What seems to be missed about Lent

By Amanda Tobey

From a very young age, being raised in a Roman Catholic Church, Lent always seemed to be the same thing. Everyone would pick something they were attached to, whether that is chocolate, caffeine, or some other thing they love. Then, for the next 40 odd days, they constantly complained about how hard it was giving up something they loved.

I had never had any desire to deal with that. I didn’t want to be miserable for 40 days, why would God ever want that for us? Then, after switching to the United Methodist Church, another choice was presented to me. Instead of removing something that would make you miserable, why not add something that draws you closer to God?

How had this idea never been brought up before? It was pretty simple, all you had to do was come up with something that you aren’t very good at and work to improve that. Maybe it is working on praying more, maybe it is working on reading the bible more. Whatever it is, it shouldn’t make you miserable for 40 days, it should be enlightening and bring you closer to God. For me, it is going to be cleaning up my diet to remove all of the temptations that cloud my judgement and make me unhappy. There are a million things that you can add to or subtract from your life to get you that much closer to God. What is it going to be for you?


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