On Faith and Life

By: Bailey Brawner

This last month, I’ve been taking a class on incorporating the arts (music, art, drama, dance) into the classroom. We had to do a final project that was a performance piece. My friend Lacie and I did this video.

The creation of the video was intense to highlight my passion, and our mutual passion-God.

Recently, this whole passion thing has been a reoccurring theme. In November, I went to a conference in Denver that helped to explore my calling, what God wants for me to do. When I left, I had more questions than answers. The biggest question came to me when a friend asked me what I was passionate about. I realized that I had no idea.

Over the past few months since that question, God’s really been teaching me about passions. I learned that one of my biggest fears was no longer legitimate.

I don’t think I ever really fully committed to God. I was scared that in doing this, He was going to put me in a spot where I had to do something I didn’t like. Well, in typical God fashion,I was put in my place.

God uses each of us to do his work. He creates us, and knows that work He wants us to do at that time. Because of this, God gives us a deep passion for what we are called by Him to so. It’s so deep that nothing we do can separate ourselves by it. How awesome is that??

So next time I, or any of us worries about submitting to God, we’ll be reminded of how much God loves us; so much that he would give us something to live for that is fulfilling beyond measures for ourselves. We get to do something we love for the one that loves us more than anyone can imagine.


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