Motions or Experience?

By Aaron Pazan

I have a confession to make, I often go through a church service just doing the motions. I find that my mind is not focused on the church service but on other things I need to be doing later in the day. I will sing the hymns, listen to the scripture and the sermon but, I find I have no real deep connection with God during the service.

I have gone to church my whole life and find I’m more likely to be just doing the motions when I’m at a place in my life  and faith journey where I’m stuck and don’t know where to turn. College for me has been a time where church services have been more of going through the motions with no real connection or experience. I’m starting to question everything that has been said to me about the Bible and Christianity in general. I ask my pastor friends a lot of questions. Most of the time they go, “You have to figure it yourself, but you do have the resources to help you”.

One of my really good friends also happens to be a Spiritual Director. I was just talking with her this morning about I find myself just going through the motions of a church service or sermon without having a real connection. She goes “That’s something we should talk about.” I agree completely with her.  Being as active as I am in the church, I kind of expected myself to be in a drought with my faith. But, I didn’t expect it to happen at a time where my greater church community is my main support system. It’s funny how when God decides to test you, it’s when you least expect it.

I think as Christians we experience a period in our life where we go through the motions of a church service with no experience. I believe that’s perfectly fine. However, if we experience this disconnect for a long period of time we should be concerned. When we lack a real connection and relationship with God it affects the connections and relationships we have with the people around us.

Will you allow yourself to continue just doing the motions of  participating in a church service? 

Or will you try to consciously break away from the motions and truly experience a church service for its connection with God? 


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