Christ is Risen

By Dylan Cumberland

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the risen Lord! We will gather together and worship as the Body of Christ and proclaim Jesus’ victory over sin and death. We will sing hymns and we will take communion together to remember Him giving himself up for us. If you go to a more traditional service, like I do, you will read liturgy before taking communion, and you will proclaim the Mystery of Faith, “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again”.

Personally I love the Mystery of Faith because it has so much to say in so few words.

We start with Christ has died; the word has is something that can be pinpointed, a finite time. We observed this day on Good Friday, the day that Christ has died. The word has carries with it a sense of finality, a stopping block, a feeling of being too late. Christ has died.

But that Easter promise, the place where our hope rests is that Christ is risen. Is speaks to us and says that we live in a world with the resurrected Christ. Is carries with it an active presence, Christ is no longer dead, but with us. We do not say that Christ has risen, because we still live in a world where He is present; he never left. With the risen Lord there is no has, only is.

Then we end with Christ’s promise, the promise on which our hope is built and where our faith is found: Christ will come again. We live in a world where God is present with us, where the resurrected Christ abides in us, but we have greater news still. Christ will come again in final victory and there will be no more sin, no more destruction, no more death. We will have Heaven on Earth. And it will be good.

So this Easter Sunday, remember: we aren’t just celebrating a special day. We are celebrating a special world, a world where our God came to us in the midst of darkness, gave Himself for us, and abides with us still.

Christ is risen indeed!


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