Day 1: Announce


By: Aaron Pazan

Today Christians around the world make a public and typically formal declaration about an intention for the Lenten Season. Today marks Ash Wednesday the start of the Lenten season, 40 days total if you don’t include Sundays. Ash Wednesday gets its name from the use of burned palm branches from last year’s Palm Sunday Services. The common phrase stated during an Ash Wednesday service is “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”.

This Lenten season, as people announce what they’re “giving up for Lent all over social media, I want you instead to perhaps figure out what you are going to add into your life for Lent. What will you do instead to deepen your relationship with God? Will it be spending 10 minutes in silence everyday just allowing yourself to breathe and open yourself to the presence of the Divine? Or will you go outside and sit with nature if that’s what gets you close to the Divine?

I know for me personally, I will be trying to do a combination of things. I intend to practice sitting in silence for 10 minutes a day to allow the Divine to work within me. I also intend to go running at least twice a week. For me, Lent is about making healthy choices that can continue long after the Lenten season.

I want to end with some lyrics from The Brilliance’s song “Dust We Are And Shall Return” From dust we’ve come and dust we are and shall return Be still my soul and let it go, just let it go Be still my soul, Lord make me whole, Lord make me whole


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