Day 11: Powers

By Marianne Brown
2 Timothy 1:17

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

I’ve been struggling a lot with power all through my college life. I remember sitting in Gender and Politics my first semester and learning about power structures of domination and resistance. Competing powers, trying to pull in subjects to flow in their designated motion.

On my campus we have started a disruption to those designated motions.  Students are staging demonstrations and calling alumni and having meetings of unlikely cohorts to bring to consciousness a discussion about serial misconduct on our campus.

For me, it is beautiful. I feel like the spirit of power inside us is finally connecting. Finally opening it’s mouth and finding an ally. Finally standing and saying that it will no longer settle for the fear and silence it has lived in for too long.

I believe that God spurs us onto justice. It is often difficult. It is often confusing or hard to see. But nonethless I think we are called to it. And you can’t tell God “no.”

So despite the powers that want us to be pacified, want us to be intimidated,  want us to be calm. I think we are not called to timidity but to justice. I think we are given the power of God’s Spirit when powers try to kill our spirit.

Don’t lose heart.



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