Day 21: Knowledge – Queering the System

By Aaron Pazan

IMG_2545You’re probably wondering why I decided to use a selfie for knowledge? My first gut reaction was that I have knowledge in queering the system. In particular I have knowledge, on educating people about the genderqueer community. As someone who is relatively open about being in the genderqueer community.  I often find people asking me on how do I appropriately go about this so that I don’t offend those in the community.

I’m going to share with you some lyrics from The Brilliance from their song Does your heart break?:

When the walls fell
And the hungry child
Cried out for help

Did your hear the sound?
Did your heart break?
Does your heart break now?

Cannot feel it in my soul
Cannot see you I’m alone
Can the blind have sight, have sight?

When you see us all alone
Can you hear your people Lord?
Can the blind have sight, have sight?

You’re probably wondering how that song has anything to do with knowledge and queering the system? Well, I know from personal experience that the queer person will cry out for help. And will be looking for people to notice their struggling. And if the hints aren’t getting the message across, sometimes the only thing you can do is flat out tell them you need help.

More often then not the people that look like they have it all together are the people that are struggling the most. I know that is true for me. What will you do when you see the queer kid all alone? Will you help them or ignore them?


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