Day 31 Still


Yet again, I picked a word that I feel like has a dual meaning. “Still” can be used in the context of “stillness,” something is unmoving. It can also be used as “still” as in “I’m still here,” or “still my love for you will remain.”

Its easy to feel as though nothing is very still in our world. We all know that we live in a world full of instant text messages, direct email correspondence, traffic jams, and busy schedules. This is not a new concept to us. I don’t want to be cliche and say that we should all take a moment to be more still in our lives. That is not a new idea either.

I thought about listing different ideas about how to be ‘still’ in our lives, but I think it would be more productive if you just thought about it yourself. What would work for your life?

Personally, I have grown up around mountains. This picture is from my beloved Rocky Mountains in the wintertime. When I need to be still and to reflect, I love hiking or just observing the mountains. I think about how long the mountains have endured in that position, silently looking upon everything below. The bible verse about the moving mountains has always struck me in a powerful way. I have looked at the mountain in this picture every day of my life. Thinking about it simply moving is mind boggling. After all of this time, it is still here.


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