Day 32: Celebrate

By: Bailey Brawner

As Christians, we have much to celebrate. Often times, I forget about all these, and I need to remind myself of all the good that is around me, and of all the celebrations among us.

We get to celebrate a perfect God, and the path that God has for our lives.

We celebrate the choices we get to make.

We celebrate the chances for change that occur each and every day.

We celebrate the growth we see in ourselves and those close to us when we look back in time.

We celebrate our friends and family, people who love us unconditionally.

We celebrate Jesus, the best friend one could ever have.

We celebrate this season of Lent, a time for new beginnings and hope.

God, help us to remember and appreciate the trueness of you. In the good times and bad, help us see your work in new ways. 


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