Day 33: Forgive

I should’ve signed up for the blogging schedule earlier. I could’ve picked some buzz word I liked and crapped out something really quickly.

Instead, the word has been tugging at my mind and my heart; when I noticed the harsh thoughts I had about a peer, when buried anger appeared for a split second, or when I for whatever reason felt cheated. Most of the time it’s never anything big enough to evoke a physical or verbal response. More often, my anger is something that I deal with internally, letting in stew, adding ingredients each day.

Brene Brown says “In order for forgiveness to happen, something has to die.” Part of it’s my pride (actually, a lot of it,) part of it is my “need” to be independent, and some of it is that I’m hindering relationships with others and myself from growing.

I think about the parable of the prodigal son. Forgiveness isn’t something that happens instantaneously. The son had to spend all his money and eat pig slop before he came home. Forgiveness is hard. The dark feelings in the deepest part of my soul have to do with forgiving those who have hurt me. But when I’ve been brave enough to take that leap, forgiveness was freeing. Forgiveness welcomes us home to the place where our debts are forgiven.

Forgiveness is inviting new life to spring forth from what was dead in the ground. As we make way for the Resurrection, I invite you to cultivate new life within you.




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