February 22nd: Vision

As I was driving through the neighborhood on the way to work this morning, I noticed a strange pile in a neighbor’s yards. As I drove closer I saw there were a few quilts on top of chairs- a fort! I then saw a girl, probably 3 or 4, crawling into her castle, fittingly dressed in a tutu.

As I drove away I couldn’t help but remember the imagination it seemed I once had, spending my summers exploring our 40 acres, finding fossils and what I was sure were Indian burial grounds. Somewhere along the way the secret forts, adventures, and mysteries were lost.

Maybe Lent is a time to let go of the habits that distract us from having a holy imagination. Maybe it’s a time we turn away from the lifeless routines that we’re in so we may more clearly envision the Kingdom of God on Earth.

On my way home I decided to drive by one more time to see if the creative genius was still at work building her fort. She wasn’t. In fact, the blanket lay in a pile on the ground. The former walls now stand naked off to the side. Instead, I saw two boys hanging from a tree fiddling with a rope. Branches lay in some particular formation, and the girl, now accompanied by what appeared to be an older sister, scurried around arranging objects on the lawn. They had built an obstacle course.

That we may cultivate holy imaginations in order to live out our visions, inviting others to do the same, Lord, hear our prayer.midwinter




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