March 21st-23rd: Sabbath, Joyful, & Rest

When I think of sabbath I think of keeping sabbath and how it is about hope and renewal for our faith community. Sabbath is something that you have to do everyday, continuously. Sabbath is an act of resistance. We as Christians who are actively involved in the church, rarely take time for rest and renewal. We fail at taking sabbath. We don’t know how to slow down and really rest.

We forget that in order to do the important work we are doing we need to take time for sabbath. Walter Brueggermann says “Even in the wilderness with scarce resources, God mandates a pause for Sabbath for the community”. Sabbath isn’t just an individual thing it’s also a community thing. When you do something with a group of people you have a different experience than if you do it by yourself. Sabbath and rest really go hand in hand with each other. Resting is a part of sabbath. Resting is an act of resistance. We are acknowledging that we live in a world where being a workaholic is normal. We are participating in an act of resistance when we take time to rest and take sabbath.

I am joyful for the opportunity to be able to take sabbath and rest. I know that my privilege allows me to do this more easily then other people. I am joyful to have been apart of church communities both past and present that have taught me the importance of sabbath and rest. I am joyful for the constant ability to continue learning about rest and sabbath as an act of resistance.

What will you do to allow sabbath and rest to be an act of resistance in your life?



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