March 30th: Good Friday

Good Friday
a somber day
where we remember

Peter denying Jesus three times
how could a disciple deny
knowing the Messiah?

my God, my God
why have you forsaken me?
Christ cries out

a crown of thorns
woven by the soldiers
was placed on Jesus’s head
and they dressed him
in a purple robe

crucify him!
crucify him!
they cried

Jesus took the cross
carrying it himself
to a place called
The Place of the Skull
their they crucified him

Pilate had an inscription written
and put on the cross
“Jesus of Nazareth,
the King of the Jews”

they divided my clothing
among themselves
and for my clothing
they cast lots
that is what the soldiers did

Standing near the cross was
Jesus’s mother, his mother’s sister,
Mary of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene

“I am thirsty” Jesus said
so they put the sponge
full of wine on a branch
and held it to his mouth

after receiving the wine
Jesus said;
“It is finished”
bowed his head
and gave up his spirit


March 26th: Table Turning Monday

the start of Holy Week
Jesus went into the temple
flipping over the money changers tables

an act
shining a light
on the economic explotation
of the poor

a moment
in a story
often easily

Jesus calls us
to divest
from fossil fuels
profiting from wrecking the planet, is wrong

Jesus calls us
to demand
housing justice
on the thousands of homes being foreclosed

Jesus calls us
to stand against ICE
increasing targeting, harassment, and disenfranchisement of
immigrants and refugees

let us turn over tables
crying out for the injustices
found in our communties
to be changed

March 25th: Palm Sunday

a simple protest
palms representing resistance
for first century Palestinian Jews

can’t you hear it?
can’t you see it?

the little child shall lead them
march for our lives
Palm Sunday came early this year

crying out, save us
enough is enough
not one more
books not bullets

this is just the start
table turning Monday is where
our thoughts and prayers
get turned into action

will you join the movement?

March 4th: celebrate

honestly i don’t feel like celebrating
Lent feels like a time of remorse
and looking back
at what we could have done differently

yet, i celebrate
being alive
friends that turned into family of choice

the opportunity of rebirth
in the form of baptism
both remembering and new
comes for many at the end of Lent
and start of Eastertide

will you take that step
of renewing, or remembering
or being baptized for the first time?

come to the waters
for all will are thirsty
will find living water

March 2nd: signal

that little flicker of light
the glimmer of hope that says, stay
the voice inside that says don’t cut yourself
the signal from God when you least expect it

my ability to be lost
and then found
within the Divine

seemed peculiar
in some sense

i didn’t deserve
that sign from God
yet there i was
breathing it all in

breath after breath
entering and escaping my body
drowning me in grace upon grace

Lord, i confess
i don’t deserve this
why me?

March 1st: word

the word became flesh
just like that
in an instant

the mundane
became holy
a living word

day fourteen
of lent
is today

wandering in the wilderness
is getting tired
yet we’ve become closer to the Divine

the confusion, darkness, and despair
as we think about
the ultimate sacrifice
God has given us
by dying on that cross

we have many days ahead
until we hear
those 7 last words
that hold so much meaning
to us as Christians

February 28th: remember

Looking out
from my porch
to the water.

Every day
the tide rolls out
and the mudflats
are exposed.

without fail,
the water returns.

Let this flow
and restore you.


Words by Bishop Karen Oliveto

February 27th: consume

Holy Spirit
who am i
without your presence
in my life?

Holy Spirit
you are always
in this place
weather i believe it or not

Holy Spirit
you are welcome
to be in this space
to be in this breath

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